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Baptism Information for Newborn to Age 12 PDF Print E-mail




To begin the process, please call the parish office at (250) 388-5571.  Some preliminary information will be taken from you and you will be provided with the dates for the next Baptismal Preparation Session and invited to attend.  The deacon or priest will contact you prior to this preparation course.

It is expected that you are attending Mass at the Cathedral parish.  If you do not normally worship at St. Andrew's Cathedral, you will be asked the name of the Church where you worship on a regular basis and the reasons why you wish your child baptized at the Cathedral.

If you presently do not attend Mass on a regular basis, then you must make contact with your proper pastor (the Catholic Church nearest your residence) and discuss the baptism with him.

If the Cathedral is not your regular place of worship, please supply a letter from the Parish priest where you normally attend Mass to say that he has no objections to your having the baptism here.

Cathedral parishioners wishing to have their baby baptized elsewhere should be regularly attending Mass and are required to participate in the parish's baptism preparation program prior to receiving a letter of permission.

Inquiries for baptism may be made at any time and encouraged prior to the birth of your baby.

You will be invited to attend the group preparation sessions to discuss the meaning of the Sacrament, our commitment to the Lord and his Church and the nature of the ceremony. These sessions are also occasions for building friendships with families who share similar spiritual commitments and hopes for the future of their children.

Choosing a name for your child is very personal and this choice is usually made by the time the baptism is being arranged, but please bear in mind that a child should have a Saint's name as part of his or her Christian identity.

As far as Godparents are concerned, it is normal Catholic practice for a child to have one Godfather and one Godmother; however, only one Godparent is required.  The Godparents must be practicing Catholics.  It is possible to choose one Godparent who is practicing Catholic and another person who is known as a Christian witness.  The Christian witness is, as the title indicates, a Christian but not a Catholic.  Non-baptized persons cannot be Godparents or Christian witnesses.

Photographs and videos, during the ceremony, are strongly discouraged as this prohibits you from participating fully in the prayer.  Photographs and videos may be taken following the ceremony.

Small children, family members and friends are all welcome during the ceremony.



To begin the process, please call the parish office at 250-388-5571.  You will be asked to complete a form and this information will then be provided to the appropriate staff member.

It is expected that the child will be enrolled in the parish's Religious Education program or attending Catholic school.

The preparation for this sacrament is geared to the individual child and can last anywhere from two to three years or longer. In addition to celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism, the child will also celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation and Holy Communion and be prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

It is expected that the Cathedral is the place of worship for both the child and his/her family.

During the preparation period, a number of special rituals are celebrated to mark the spiritual progress of the candidate.