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St. Vincent de Paul is an essential part of the community and parish.  They provide a variety of social services to those in need.  They are always looking for volunteers to help with home visits, their social concern office and with a variety of other activities.  To obtain more information, please visit


Currently, St. Andrew's Cathedral is working to help keep food on the shelves of St. Vincent de Paul's food bank .  Some of the individuals needing our help include not only those living on the streets, but also those who are unable to make ends meet for a variety of reasons.  They are families, singles, men, women and especially children.


You are invited to assist us by contributing to the boxes you will find in the Cathedral Narthex.  All food (dry and canned) is welcome; most useful are things like canned vegetables, fruits, soups and meats, canned meals that come with a pop-top, bowl noodles cake mixes, jello, flour, sugar, coffee, jams and peanut butter.  Also, personal items such as laundry detergent, diapers, soap and hygiene items.  All donations are greatly appreciated.