Legion of Mary Print


Our Lady is calling you to join the Legion of Mary, the largest group of virtuous, enlightened, determined and really apostolic lay people who serve the Church on a voluntary basis. With active members or legionaries in almost every country of the world, legionaries have given glory to God through personal sanctification and parish evangelization commitments for over 85 years. The Legion works in union with and under the captaincy of priests to supplement their efforts in helping/having us know and live the Christian life. The Legion of Mary meets every Friday at the parish centre from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.


Members of the Legion of Mary will come to your home upon request to pray the rosary with you, for your intentions.  They will bring a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which can then stay in your home for one month.  If you are interested and wish to arrange a time, please call either Corazon at 250-479-4929 or Rita at 250-380-6529.

For more information on the Legion of Mary, please contact Ailin Francisco at (250) 415-6373.